Function- Mobility + Strength without pain

The order of Rehabilitation of an injury or loss of function

  1. Decrease the load
  2. Mobility
  3. Mechanics and Posture
    a. Foundation Training by Dr. Eric Goodman
  4. Strength

*TIME……tissue repair can be a long process

What limits Mobility/Range of Motion?

A. Adhesion of tissue

Muscle stuck to muscle

Inside the muscle itself:   “glue in a box of straws”

Nerve to muscle:  Hip rotators/Piriformis to sciatic nerve

Cartilage to ligament or muscle: MCL to meniscus

Ligament to muscle or bone: Frozen shoulder

B. Degeneration: Arthritis, Tears, disc desiccation/thinning,

C. Space occupying Structure Disc or cyst, etc.

D. Joint Shape

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