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Patient Testimonials

Post Surgery Results!

"Mark and his associates have not only been very nice and very easy to work with, they have also been very helpful. I still have my usual aches and pains from being 57 years old, but my lower back pain has been greatly reduced. Mark not only aligned my back but he has also loosened my neck muscles. Best of all, I just had carpel tunnel surgery with a trigger finger and because of his knowledge and abilities working with joints and muscles, my left hand is getting to the point of full use with little to no pain. Thank you Mark!"

~J.H. Lewisbury, PA

Wake Up Feeling Good

"Dr. Mark Olivetti, D.C., has helped me tremendously since I first came to see him. My neck and back feel much better now as he has loosened up the muscles in those areas and also in my hamstrings and other leg muscles using his Active Release Technique (or Soft Tissue Manipulation).

Additionally, I had a hard time finding Chiropractors who adjusted fingers. Dr. Mark's work on my fingers has reduced my pain and increased their range of motion.

Furthermore, I was working a job where I had to stand all the time. When my shifts were over my back was so stiff that I had trouble bending over to get in my car to drive home. After being treated by Dr. Mark, I could get in my car a lot easier.

I no longer get out of bed in the morning feeling that I have to strechjust to ge a little relief from my back pain. I now wake up feeling good physically and ready to move through my day unencumbered by tught muscles. What a big stress relief!

Thank you, Dr. Mark,"

~ T.F. 

Dr Olivetti is a Miracle Worker!
"Throughout the year of 2008, I endured physical therapy two times a week for 3 months, which further aggravated my lower back pain. I went to pain management where I was treated to 5 epidural injections - with no relief. I was put on Lyrica, Ultram and MoBid. I was alos given a tens unit, but I still had pain.I started seeing Dr. Olivetti in the beginning of this year at the recommendation of a co-worker. My back pain was a constant 10 (on a scale of 10), and it went down my left leg. With Dr. Olivetti's back exercises, manipulation, Active Release Technique and advice,I am now pain FREE! And i no longer take any medication. I would highly recommend Dr. Olivetti for anyone who suffers with muscle/skeletal issues."
~L.R. Carlisle, PA

I Am Still Pain-Free

"I had Planter Fasciitis. Made an appointment with Mark Olivetti, DC. I was in a great deal of pain and after one treatment I had much relief from the pain. It took three to four treatments and after four months I am still pain-free. Many thanks to Mark and his staff."

~ Elizabeth P. Rowe

Completely Pain Free

"I'm a young and relatively fit person, but I was exeriencing some soft tissue pain. It was in two areas: 1)Shoulder and 2) Planters Fasciitis (foot/heel pain). Dr. Olivetti has me completely pain free and exercising again after only 3 treatments"

~C.S. Chester Springs, PA

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